We tried an Egg Fast & here’s what happened!

17 January, 2021

Months ago I explained to Dave that I regularly get questions on my Instagram asking me if I’ve ever tried an egg fast, and what my thoughts on egg fasts are.  Dave had never heard of an egg fast before, and once I explained what it involved he became super curious and wanted to try it out for himself!  Me on the other hand, not so much…

But… Dave ended up talking me into joining him.  So… we tried an egg fast!

What is an egg fast?

An egg fast is a short-term, super restrictive diet that includes eating eggs, cheese, butter, or another fat source.  It typically lasts 3 days (or up to 5 days MAX), and it may assist with short-term weight loss.


What do you eat and drink?

There are lots of different “rules” for following an egg fast, but here are the guidelines we followed:

  • You must have at least 6 eggs per day (Dave had at least 15 eggs per day, and I had about 8-10 depending on my hunger!)
  • For each egg you eat, you must add 1 tbsp of healthy fat
  • For each egg you eat, you can add up to 28g/1oz of cheese.
  • Stop eating three hours before bedtime (we broke that rule once!).
  • You can have keto friendly sweeteners (we used erythritol/stevia blended sweeteners, and sugar-free syrups).
  • You can have low calorie/low carb seasonings such as Buffalo wing sauce, Sriracha, etc.
  • You can drink water, black coffee, black tea, unsweetened herbal teas, sparkling water, flavoured sparkling water (no sugar), and diet sodas (Dave had a soda a day, but I found I didn’t need any).


Why haven’t I tried an egg fast before?

It is really important to me that I create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that I love and can stick with.  That is how I’ve been able to lose the excess weight, get healthier, and keep the weight off!  I do not believe in short-term fixes, because there is honestly no substitution for consistency!  To me, an egg-fast sounded incredibly restrictive and…. kind of awful if I’m being honest.  Who wants to eat only eggs for 3 days straight?!


Why do people follow an egg fast?

Egg fasts are typically used by people as a tool to overcome a weight loss plateau / weight loss stall, to help someone get back into ketosis quickly, or to kickstart someone’s keto journey after a holiday/break.


How did we find the egg fast?

You can watch our entire experience here on my YouTube Channel!


What are your tips for trying an egg fast?

  • Make sure you have a fun and interesting egg fast friendly meal plan ready!  Welle Club has a pre-made egg fast meal plan already loaded that you can add to your own Meal Planner!
  • Make sure you have electrolytes once or twice a day (or as needed!!)
  • Drink LOTS of water!
  • Make sure you are getting lots of salt – we had a chicken stock cube / bullion cube everyday (this helps a lot with avoiding any keto flu symptoms).
  • After you finish the egg fast, allow your body to adjust out of the egg fast slowly over the next few days – don’t rush back into having regular keto food right away (the Welle Club meal plan includes 2 transition days of eating), as this will help you not to regain any weight lost during the egg fast.


Would you do an egg fast again?

I was really surprised that I found the egg fast as easy as I did.  I expected to hate it!  I had a lot more energy than I thought I would have, and was able to do my usual workouts with the energy I normally have!

I personally am really happy to have experienced an egg fast for myself, and can now understand why some people find egg fasts to be a helpful tool in their journey…. but for me, I’m really happy eating the normal keto food that I do!  I missed veggies way too much!


Can I eat the egg fast recipes when I’m not doing an egg fast?

Absolutely you can!  These recipes are super low in carbs, so if you are looking for some lower carb keto friendly options try some of the egg fast friendly recipes in your day-to-day life!  I will definitely be including egg fast recipes in my regular routine because they are yummy!


Make sure you consult with your doctor before trying any restrictive diet.


Have you tried an egg fast!?  We’d love to hear how you found it!



14 April 2021

loved it

Anne Holdaway

8 April 2021

I loved your YouTube egg fast video!! You’re creative friendly and fun!! Thank you so much!! I have finally embraced the no sugar no flour lifestyle and love all of the options keto has!! Thank you again!! Keep it up

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