Meet Elle, the face behind Welle Club.

Elle is passionate about encouraging other women around the world in embracing their own journey to become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. Through Welle Club, Elle shares her recipes and expertise that helped her to reclaim her life.

After graduating law school and embarking on a busy career, Elle found herself at an unhealthy weight and unhappy. After trying and failing at every ‘weight loss plan’ out there, she finally found a healthy lifestyle that she could sustain by following a keto low carb diet. Her life completely transformed as the extra weight started to come off, her energy came back, and she rediscovered her zest for life - all while eating her favourite foods like caramel slice and pizza.

Elle's instagram page began as a means of keeping herself accountable, sharing her recipes and finding like-minded women to connect with. Now, through Welle Club those same tools and recipes are available for you to be supported in reaching your goals, and creating a sustainable lifestyle full of the foods you love!

Welle Club

Welle Club is an individually tailored guide designed to support you in your goal of feeling leaner, healthier, stronger and more confident within yourself. Welle Club empowers you to live your best life!

Using your age, weight and height we provide you with an individually tailored calorie and macro range along with over 200 recipes (and new recipes which are added weekly) that will keep you on track and make you feel as though you’re never missing out!

With pre-made meal plans, or the option to create your own, join the club and get started on your journey!

Join Elle and the Welle Club community to meet motivated women, build a supportive network of friends, and reach your goals together.

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Join the club alongside hundreds of inspiring women

Join our community of beautiful, hard-working and inspiring women and feel empowered to smash your goals. We can’t wait to have you as part of the club.