Welle Club features will equip and inspire you to achieve your goals. From hundreds of delicious keto-friendly recipes to your own customisable meal planner, our tools will empower you to live well.

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Keto Recipes

We’re here to change perceptions around following a low carb keto diet. Welle Club recipes are not only scrumptious and keto-friendly, but most importantly they are designed to truly make you feel like you aren’t going without while eating a balanced and nutritious diet.

Our recipes will help you reach your goal, whether that is losing weight, maintaining your weight or gaining weight. Welle Club makes the process easy to follow so that this becomes a lifestyle you love. You will not find recipes featuring boring poached chicken and broccoli, here we eat caramel slice!


Meal Planner

We believe organisation is one of the keys to success and leading to results that you will be proud of. Welle Club enables you to build and customise your own weekly meal plans by selecting recipes from our recipe collection.

When you set up your profile, you can choose to calculate your personal macro goals which will keep a running tally of your daily net carb and calorie targets against your meal plan, a great way to stay on track!



Many people following keto choose to stick to specific macro targets, so when setting up your Welle Club profile you can choose to calculate your personal macro goals with our Macro Calculator.

This saves your own unique macro targets against your profile and enables you to track your calories and net carbs in your meal plan. You can re-calculate or adjust these at any time.



Welle Club allows you to easily generate your own digital shopping lists from either individual recipes or from your meal plan.

When viewing your list, ingredients are organised into the relevant supermarket sections so you can shop efficiently. Check items off as you go, and easily remove items that you already have at home. Simple!

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