Starting your Welle Club journey

14 October, 2020

I am so excited that you’re kickstarting your Welle Club journey! These keto-friendly low carb recipes completely transformed my life, and I cannot wait to see what they do for you. To help you get the most out of your experience, here are my tips for success when starting out!

1. Plan ahead

Whether you want to meal prep, batch cook or cook as you go, organisation is key when it comes to any new lifestyle. Welle Club offers pre-made example weekly meal plans which you can follow or use for inspiration, or you can create your own custom meal plan that includes your favourite recipes!

By taking the time to plan ahead you will find that you save money, and reduce food wastage and, most importantly, ensure your body is getting all that it needs to thrive. I personally use the meal planner each week to help me plan my meals for the week! Below is an example meal planner we have available in Welle Club.


2. Swap recipe and ingredients to your liking!

This is all about finding what works for YOU!  So it is important that you include recipes and foods that YOU enjoy!  If you like what you’re eating, and it fits your lifestyle, then you’ll stay consistent and you will get the results you want.  Make whatever swaps you need to ensure that you’re enjoying what you’re eating.

3. Prep on Sundays

Whether you want to meal prep or not, using Sunday as your prep day is another great way to stay organised and relieve yourself from stress later on during the week.  I like to meal prep my breakfasts for the week ahead (Monday – Friday), and my lunches (Monday – Thursday).  I like to make my lunch for Friday on Wednesday or Thursday night (as it is fresher), and I like to make my dinners each night.  Sunday is a great day to set some time aside to sort your meal plan, buy your ingredients and get your meals ready for the week ahead.

4. Stock up your pantry

When you’re starting out it is helpful to stock up your pantry with some of the staple ingredients that you will be using quite frequently. Don’t feel like you have to go out and spend a fortune on everything you could possibly need as it is okay to add to these items over time.


5. Join the community

Get daily support and motivation from myself and the Welle Club Community!  Connect with women all over the world via your social channels while sharing your tips, tricks and ideas that you’re implementing to succeed!  You can find the Welle Club community on Instagram by searching for #welleclub or seeing who has tagged Welle Club in their posts.

If you have any other Welle Club questions be sure to let me know via my contact form or via Instagram. I absolutely love hearing from you and want to answer any questions you may have.

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16 January 2023

Kia Ora

Sorry to be a pain, but I was just organising my calories for the Fritters. Is 1 fritter = 1 serve?

I’m having a mind blank, sorry to bother what could be the obvious.

Nga Mihi

Dilanka Tennakoon

19 November 2020

Hi Elle

This is wonderful. Already learning so many things from you. You are such an amazing inspirational character. My heartiest wishes for your Welleclub journey! Much love ❤️

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