Our tips for goal setting!

17 June, 2021

Have you ever set a goal, and found that you haven’t achieved it?  Don’t worry… us too!  And that is because goals are not always easy to stick to – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t, or you shouldn’t achieve your goals.   There are some simple reasons why you are able to accomplish some goals and not others.  And a lot of this starts with the way a goal is written!

If you have ever struggled to reach a goal that you have set for yourself, then try our tips on goal setting and see the difference that it can make!   When making goals, we like to use “SMART”.  This is an acronym to remember when you are setting goals, and by setting SMART goals we are sure that you will kick your goal setting into high gear.  Here’s SMART goal setting in action!

Example goal: Buy a fitness tracker (i.e. Apple Watch/FitBit, etc) and walk 10,000 steps every day for three months.


You have a much greater chance of accomplishing a specific goal than a general goal.  For example, “exercise more” would be too general. Keep the goal specific!


Establish exact criteria for measuring progress toward the goal you set. To determine if your goal is measurable, ask questions like “How much?” “How many times?” “How will I know when it is accomplished?” In the example, the measurable quantity is “10,000 steps.”

Action oriented

Break down goals into actionable objectives to keep from becoming overwhelmed. Each objective moves you closer to achieving your goal. The example focuses on 10,000 steps per day, giving you a daily objective.


Avoid setting unreasonable expectations. Personal and situational factors may influence the ability to reach a goal. Don’t be afraid to have a high goal, but make sure that it is realistic. A high goal is frequently easier to reach than a low one because a low goal doesn’t get you very excited about accomplishing it. The example above is a high, but still a realistic goal!


A goal should specify when the behaviour(s) will be achieved. In the example above, there are two times—walking every day and doing that for three months.


Whatever your goals are, you’ve got this!!  Take the time to set your SMART goals and get ready to make them a reality!


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